West End

West End

One of the well known neighborhoods in the Boston area throughout the late 1950's and beyond is West End. This is a small community overlooking the Charles River and it is located between the North End and Beacon Hill districts. However, since the urban renewal of the 1960s, West End has become a new and different township.

Historically, West End was a vibrant and densely populated urban neighborhood that comprised of ethnic, religious and racial diversity. It was home to many elites and affluent people and a small bay separated the district from the other communities. However, West End soon became a residential area filled with a high immigrant population, neighborhood stores, businesses and crowded streets.

With the urban renewal, West End was razed, resulting in the displacement of many people. The new West End that emerged was a blend of residential and commercial buildings that included fashionable and pricey high-rise facilities. The neighborhood continued to flourish and the loyalty and community spirit that existed in the past is still strong.

Some areas of the infamous West End that still exist from the earlier times include the Mass General Hospital, the Bulfinch Triangle and the Charles Street Jail. Visitors can see these and other attractions, including the Otis House, which is home to Historic New England, the historical Old West Church and the Charles Street Station.

The community of West End has evolved and is easily accessible to some of the major highways and the MBTA metro system.