University of Massachusetts: Boston

University of Massachusetts: Boston

The University of Massachusetts in Boston was created in 1964. It later merged with Boston State College, which was founded in 1852. Now UMass Boston is the second-largest of the five colleges that make up the University of Massachusetts system. The college sits on 177 acres near Harbor Point. It is Boston's only public university.

Over 15,000 students attend UMass Boston. The school offers 150 academic programs. It has a full range of liberal arts, science, education and business majors. There are over 900 faculty members. Most of the students are Massachusetts natives, but there are also a number of out-of-state and international students. The school has a popular radio station. The campus boasts a variety of student clubs and organizations. Harbor Gallery, an art gallery run by UMass Boston students, is also on campus.

UMass Boston is also known for being one of the best research universities in the countries. The Collaborative Center for Oceans, Climate and Security is one of many research centers located on campus. The campus is easy to reach by car, bus or train.

UMass Boston sponsors harbor cruises to let the public explore the wonders of Boston Harbor. The university also offers some sailing programs. Boston Harbor Islands National Park is nearby.

UMass Boston is part of Columbia Point. This peninsula has a spectacular view of both the city of Boston and Boston Harbor. It is also home to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and the Massachusetts Archives. Both attractions are open to the public.

The Boston Harborwalk surrounds the peninsula. This boardwalk stretches along the harbor from Quincy to Charlestown. The Harborwalk is almost completed and when finished it will be almost 47 miles long. The boardwalk passes through several parks as it follows the coastline. There are numerous seating areas, exhibit areas and cafes along its length. There are also many places to go swim or go boating.