Prudential Center Christmas Tree

The Prudential Center Christmas Tree is one of the largest decorated trees in the city of Boston. It is the official Christmas tree of Boston each and every year. Every year, a giant balsam fir, white spruce or red spruce tree is donated to the city of Boston by the people of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The trees have to stand between 40 to 50 feet tall, being healthy and symmetrical. They also have to be easily accessible for the decorations and lighting that the tree would receive. The trees are not farmed; instead they are free sanding in open fields allowing much room for growth.

The annual donations of Halifax's Christmas trees are residents giving thanks to the people of Boson for Boston's role in the 1917 explosion in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Boston sent relief aid after the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship that was filled with wartime explosives, accidently collided with the Norwegian SS Imo in the Halifax Harbour. Boston Red Cross and the Massachusetts Public Safety Committee responded immediately and sent relief trains filled with supplies to the victims of the accident.

Boston's official tree lighting ceremony attracts virtually everyone. The display is a favorite for children and a holiday tradition for many. Though the official 40 to 50 foot Christmas tree is what brings residents and visitors to the event, there are many other memorable displays offered at the tree lighting ceremony. The holiday display offers over 80 trees throughout the Boston Common. The Boston Common is the most central public park in Boston that connects to other parks and spans about 50 acres. The holiday display also includes LED lighting projecting onto Parkman Bandstand and onto the ice at the Frog Pond skating rink.

Fireworks mark the end of the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Visitors of the ceremony are encourage then to participate in the lighting of the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. This is lead by the major of Boston and is located on Arlington Street. The trees all around are illuminated with soft white lights. This tradition is funded by solely by community support and by private donations.

The Christmas tree lighting ceremony is a marked tradition for many, not only for the spectacular views but also for the history and community involvement. The city of Boston's official Christmas tree lighting ceremony touches the heart of residents and visitors alike.