North End

North End Boston

Boston's historic North End neighborhood is home to such intriguing attractions as the Paul Revere House and the Old North Church where two lanterns hung to warn Revere of the advancement of British troops. This is the oldest neighborhood in the city and it has kept its narrow cobbled streets while the city grew up around it. The neighborhood is situated along the waterfront area and became the first stop for many immigrants to the area. This area has hosted English, Russian, Polish, Portugese, Jewish, and Irish immigrant populations over the past 400 years. It has been home to the city's Italian population for nearly 150 years. The labyrinth of narrow streets beckons visitors with unique marketplaces, secret parks and squares, and authentic Italian eateries.

The two main streets to see and be seen are Hanover and Salem. This area is usually full of both locals and tourists who have come to shop, dine, and relax. Visitors enjoy the European atmosphere complete with trattorias and cafes, traditional festivals and vibrant street life. Most of the architecture in this neighborhood dates from the early 19th century, but all periods of American history are represented. One of the oldest cemeteries in America, Copp's Hill Burying Ground is the final resting place of such notable figures as Prince Hall and Increase Mather. Across from the cemetery, don't miss the Skinny House, Boston's narrowest house.

While visiting the North End, don't miss a trip to the Old North Church. This is the place where Paul Revere had arranged for an alert of British troops. A member of the congregation placed two lanterns in the belfry to alert the militia as Revere began his legendary ride. The church offers guided tours and interesting historical information. Paul Revere's own home, where he began his midnight ride, can be found at 19 North Square. Guided tours are offered here as well.

Throughout the spring and summer months, a festival is celebrated here nearly every weekend. Many of them are based on Catholic tradition. Saint Anthony's Feast is one of the city's largest summer events. The festival features live music performances, parades, authentic Italian cuisine and folk dancing, and cultural and religious observances throughout. All entertainment events are free and open to the public.

Other interesting sites around the North End neighborhood include the site of the infamous Brinks Robbery at the North End Parking Garage. This is situated at the intersection of Commercial Street and Hull Street. The Freedom Trail also meanders through the neighborhood highlights. The North End is a must-see for any visit to Boston. It gives the experience of an authentic Old World neighborhood that seems thousands of miles away from the city.