New England Conservatory Jordan Hall

New England Conservatory Jordan Hall

Located in Boston at the New England Conservatory is the acoustically supreme and international renowned Jordan Hall. The New England Conservatory is the oldest independent school of music in the United States and is located one block from the Boston Symphony Hall. This foremost concert hall features primary performance space through a unique square shaped floor plan and a horse-shoe balcony. All seats have an unobstructed view of the stage. If you are interested in brilliant musical performances or are intrigued by the majestic beauty of an architectural masterpiece, you may want to stop by the famed New England Conservatory Jordan Hall.

Originally opened in 1903 after construction was completed at a cost of $120,000, Jordan Hall and the New England Conservatory both received the National Historic Landmark status. It was the first music school in the nation to have the honor of obtaining the dual designation in 1994. Its first performance in 1903 was the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Over the years due to wear and tear on structure and design, Jordan Hall has undergone several scenes of renovation. These renovations were so notable several post-renovation awards were bestowed. Some include the 1996 Massachusetts Historical Commission Preservation Award, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Award of Merit, The Victorian Society in American’s Preservation Commendation and the Illuminating Engineering Society 1996 Lumen Award.

Jordan Hall currently boasts beautiful architecture and interior design. It has a large semi-circular concert hall with a coffered ceiling and gilt moldings. It also has a semi-opaque skylight. Its organ is similar to one found within a church sanctuary of the Santa Maria della Scala complex in Siena. The organ casework is gilt finished with a paneled base and four mounted Corinthian pilasters. The concert hall also displays an intricate proscenium arch that is also gilt finished and decorated with bay leaf garlands in the classical style along with wreaths and masks.

Of course, there are many reasons to come to the New England Conservatory Jordan Hall. Performers Pablo Casals and James Galway, vocalists Dawn Upshaw and Ben Heppner, pianists Angela Hewitt and Radu Lupu are just a few enticements. There are also a plethora of conductors, composers, jazz musicians and the National Public Radio Classical Show. Concerts sponsored by the New England Conservatory are usually free to the public. Keep in mind that Jordan Hall has a total capacity of 1,051 and is also handicap accessible.