New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium

Are you looking for a fun day out with the family or perhaps to take your special someone on a romantic date? Whatever the case may be, visiting the New England Aquarium in Boston is a fun and enriching experience for both adults and children who enjoy viewing exotic sea life.


The initial construction of the aquarium started in 1962 and opened to the public in 1969. A year later the largest circular ocean tank in the world at that time was opened. In 1998, the construction of the I-Max theater was started, where exciting sea life films can be viewed in 2D and 3D. Today, the aquarium is still known to be one of the largest and most diverse aquariums in the world.

The Giant Ocean Tank

The enormous, four-story circular tank holds a total of 200,000 gallons (760,000 liters) of salt water. As guests observe this artificial coral reef, they will be amazed to see the variety of sharks, sting rays, sea turtles, eels and other breath taking sea life that all live peacefully together. Due to its gigantic size, this tank was first built and later the rest of the aquarium was built around it!

Hands-On Exhibits

Do you like looking at the animals, but would prefer to actually get to touch them? The aquarium offers several hands-on areas which are especially designed for kids. The Family Foundation Shark and Ray touch tank gives visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to gently touch select types of stingrays and two species of sharks. The Edge of the Sea touch tank also provides visitors the chance to hold sea stars and hermit crabs in the palm of their hands.

Amazon Rainforest

Guests can have a truly unique South American experience by seeing up close the animals that live in and along the Amazon River. Such dangerous underwater animals include piranhas, electric eels, cardinal tetra fishes and sting rays. The infamous Anaconda is another highlight of the exhibit. Beautifully colored yet poisonous dart frogs can also be viewed.

Penguin Exhibit

This is a chance to observe eighty penguins interact together. An underwater periscope allows visitors to see the penguins as they dart through the water. Visitors can hear penguins speak through the Hear a Penguin interactive panel.

Yes, a trip to the New England Aquarium will be an experience the whole family won’t soon forget!