National Catholic Educational Association Annual Convention & Exposition

Every year, the National Catholic Educational Association hosts an educational convention in a major city. In 2012, the NCEA has chosen Boston as its convention location. The convention offers the latest approaches to educating others with Catholic social teachings and incorporating those teachings into school subjects.

The first NCEA meeting was held in 1904 in St. Louis, Missouri. That year, four distinct Catholic educational organizations merged to form the CEA, the Catholic Educational Association. In 1927, the organization added the word "national" to its name. In 1929, the NCEA decided to make its home in Washington D.C. as a way to be close to other national educational organizations. Working with private and public governmental educational organizations has been a key to success for the NCEA.

When the NCEA hosts its annual convention, it typically draws educators, administrators, bishops, and other central figures in the Catholic faith. There are various lectures held throughout the NCEA convention that discuss developments in technology, strategies to use in the classroom, and liturgies. The latest educational products are also displayed at the NCEA annual conventions.

At its annual convention, the NCEA also presents seven awards to the Catholic schools that display outstanding practices, innovative ideas, the sharing of ideas, and that display academic excellence. The awards are presented to Catholic elementary schools and Catholic high schools all throughout the United States. In addition, one award is given to an individual. This award is called the O'Neil D'Amour Award. This award recognizes a person who has made a significant contribution to Catholic boards of education.

The NCEA convention and expo continues to be the largest private education association meeting in the country. The expo contains a variety of booths that administrators and educators can visit for ideas to implement in their own courses. Many educators find the booths to offer innovative ideas for better communicating with students.

The NCEA convention also offers a social hour and raffle activity. The social hour gives educators a chance to mingle with one another and share their ideas on education. The raffle activity gives educators the chance to win an educational product to enhance their teaching in the classroom.

In the years to come, the NCEA convention will likely play an important role in the revitalization of Catholic schools across America. This convention has played a critical role in the past in creating innovative Catholic schools.