Boston Museum of Science

Boston Museum of Science

Originating in 1830 under the name Boston Society of Natural History, this was a building where a group of men gathered socially to admire and discuss natural wonders such as hides, pelts, and various other objects they collected in continents such as Africa and Asia. After upgrading, the Boston Society of Natural History reopened in 1864 as the New England Museum of Natural History in Boston's Back Bay. Shortly after World War II, both location and name changed to what it is known today, the Boston Museum of Science at its current location. The first wing of its new location opened in 1951 with 14,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space. The Museum continued its expansion process over the next two decades accomplishing its task of improving the public's ongoing relationship with science and technology by promoting, inspiring, and encouraging interest, exploration, and activism in the natural world and the man-made world.

Greeting you upon entry to the Museum is the MIT Daedalus and the Decavator, a man-powered airplane and a vessel, respectively. And, located on the Museum's grounds are models of the Sun, Mercury and Venus. There is a 24-hour Foucault pendulum demonstrating the Earth's rotation.

The Children's Discovery Center is safely enclosed and planned for children under five-years-of-age. There are two floors of exploration that includes terrariums, puzzles, puppets, and transparent domes for the young-ones' safety and the parents' peace of mind.

The Museum of Science displays animal habitats, live egg hatching (baby chicks), a reproduction of the first space transport, and a beautiful butterfly habitat.

There are Historical Exhibits as well; a complete Wildlife Section; a chronologically-arranged Computing Section with many interactive exhibits; a Theatre of Electricity, which is home to the largest Van Graaff Generator; the Current Science and Technology Center offers a wealth of enlightening and fascinating technological updates all day, each day.

The Boston Museum of Science continually offers and promotes educational products and programs for preschool through adulthood. With the support of the Museum's user-friendly online resources center, students and teachers collaborate on Exhibits, Omni films, and unique program curriculums. Whether you are interested in professional advancement or personal growth, classroom resources are available.

The Boston Museum of Science makes the perfect backdrop with its impressive setting. Various catering packages are available as well.

The Boston Museum of Science promotes equal participation for all regardless of finances, language, education or physical ability.