Hynes Convention Center

Hynes Convention Center

The Hynes Convention Center is located in Boston on 900 Boylston Street near the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. It is named after former Boston mayor John B. Hynes.

Patrons can travel to the Hynes Convention Center by traveling on Boston's MTA Green Line's B, C, or D routes to the Hynes Convention Center-ICA Station. Trains travel to and from this station about every 10 minutes during the week and about every 12 minutes during the weekends.

The Hynes Convention Center features over 193,000 square feet of space that can be used for conventions, meetings, weddings, seminars and other mass gatherings. The center includes an auditorium, 3 ballrooms, 38 meeting rooms and several exhibition halls. Most of these spaces are fully equipped with high-speed Internet access, global teleconferencing technology and modern audio-visual equipment.

The auditorium is located on the 2nd floor near four exhibition halls. It is designed primarily for meetings and presentations. It features nearly 4,000 stadium-style seats, an 800 square foot stage and modern audio-visual equipment. There are also two bathrooms located near the auditorium's entrance.

The ballrooms are located on the 3rd floor. They feature seating for up 2,000 guests, audio-visual equipment and other perks that make the spaces a great place to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or a wedding. These perks include customizable seating arrangement options, ample room for caters to set up mobile kitchens and a full line of security services.

The meeting rooms are generally located on the first, second and third floors of the building. They can be customized to meet the needs of most event planners quite easily. This is the case because they feature several design elements that can be customized to create dozens of settings that are suitable for meetings, seminars and small trade shows. For example, the meeting rooms' customizable furniture arrangements can help event organizers install buffet tables, coffee urns and other useful items quite easily.

Furthermore, there are four exhibition halls that are located at the Hynes Convention Center which offer event planners many options. They are located on the east side of the plaza floor and the second floor. They include space for nearly 10,000 guests, access to cargo bays and parking structures. Finally, many event planners enjoy using the exhibition halls located on the plaza floor because they feature partitions that enable event planners to customize the spaces to meet their needs.

As you can see, the Hynes Convention Center offers event planners many options that can help them produce a fantastic event. As a result, be sure to visit the Hynes Convention Center to learn more about its benefits and features.