Boston Common

Boston CommonBoston Common is the oldest urban park in United States history. While it has been used for many other purposes down through the centuries, today it is a beautiful place to take a stroll or enjoy an outdoor concert. Ice skating is a big draw here during the winter months.

The area that now makes up the park of Boston Common has traceable history back to the 1630’s when it was used as a grazing area for cattle. However, that purpose was soon abandoned due to overgrazing. It was used as a military base during the American Revolutionary War and later as a public hanging grounds up until 1817. Down through the years, many public riots have occurred there. In 1830 it was finally decided that the area should be used as an urban park, to this day it continues as such.

As Boston Common is located in the center of the city on Charles Street, it is within easy traveling distance from most areas of the city. This huge 50 acre park is a great place to relax and take a stroll on one of its many walking trails.

The Frog Pond

In the middle of all this green space, visitors will come across the large Frog Pond. This is a favorite spot for kids to play and swim in on hot summer days. Activities for adults are available during the summer months too, such as yoga classes and flower arranging demonstrations. The Frog Pond Café offers delicious meals and snacks that can be enjoyed on outdoor or indoor tables.

The whole family can enjoy ice skating on the Frog Pond during the winter months. It is truly a unique experience to skate around the pond while viewing the lights and historical buildings of Boston in the country’s oldest public park.

Concerts at Boston Common

All through the warm months, concerts are a highlight at Boston Common. Perhaps one of the most famous concerts held at Boston Common was the Judy Garland concert held in 1967, where over 100,000 fans attended.

From peaceful symphony performances to popular rock bands, Boston Common is a great place to enjoy outdoor concerts. While some of these concerts charge an entrance fee, some are free and open to the public. Boston Common is a not just an urban park that is rich in history, but it offers many culturally enriching experiences.