Boston College

Boston College:

Sitting in the heart of Chestnut Hill, MA is one of the finest universities that you will find in the northeast. Covering nearly 150 acres of land with gorgeously constructed architecture and exquisitely manicured landscaping, Boston College is a gem in the middle of an already beautiful state. Whether you find yourself visiting this area to see a student, see an Eagles game, or have been brought here for business, you are going to be astounded at the history and beauty that this area offers.

Established in 1863 by the Jesuits, it is one of the oldest Jesuit, Catholic universities in the United States. Boston College has had a long and growing history of teaching tomorrow's leaders. In the 1970s, the college distinguished itself away from its religious roots and has been on a climb skyward ever since. This includes its recent 1.5 billion dollar plan to add on an impressive four new buildings and increase its ever-burgeoning student body.

The college itself features an impressive staff of 2,000 with a student body that is near the 15,000 mark. It also confers more than 3,800 degrees annually in more than 50 fields of study through 11 schools and colleges. That means that the area surrounding the college is rife with a sense of a community and the towns surrounding Chestnut Hill offer tons of amenities and entertainments that can be enjoyed when you come to visit. Just walk around the college and surrounding area, and you will be inspired by not only its history, but its beauty.

Historic districts dot the area around Chestnut Hill and Newton, as well as a high end shopping area that is sure to keep you busy during your free time. The Mall at Chestnut Hill is right at the center of it with fine dining and classy boutiques, as well as some fantastic shopping right off of the main street of town. For golf enthusiasts there is the highly lauded Newton Commonwealth Golf Course, and to the east of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, no end of fun can be found at the Recreation Center and Cassidy Playground.

Whatever your reasons are for coming to the Chestnut Hill area, we know that amongst its high shady trees, its buildings, and stunning historical landmarks, you will find precisely what you need to have an entertaining time.